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Social Media – Ten Facebook Marketing Myths (and Realities)

September 12, 2011

Facebook marketing looks simple from the outside, but there are clear winners and losers. Some brands see success (IKEA), some don’t (Nestlé post-Greenpeace attack).

Clearly there are rules to follow when marketing on the king of socnets. The trick is separating the proven rules from myth.

To help you, here are some of Bulbstorm’s 10 Facebook promotion myths.

MYTH: Clicks on your “Like” button = brand engagement. REALITY: It’s not that easy. Make your brand worth spending time with and you’ll achieve real engagement: passion and loyalty. As social media blogger Jay Baer candidly quipped, “I have a deeper engagement with a can of beer than I do with the ‘Like’ button.”

MYTH: Trolls will take over my contest and fan page. REALITY: A clear, thought-out social plan and solid promotions will keep trolls on a short leash. People are people, online as in life, and they’ll share negative (and sometimes inappropriate) views as well as positive ones.

MYTH: Giving away an iPad is enough. REALITY: Making fans do stuff for prizes is ineffective; they know the odds of winning are low. Align prizing with your brand and ensure everyone walks away a true winner!

MYTH: I don’t need rules for my Facebook contest. REALITY: The legal ramifications of running a contest on any medium are complicated, especially when you’re doling out prizes. Seek legal counsel before your promotion, make the rules of the game very clear to players, and safeguard against abuse of those rules.

The Po!nt: Don’t be fooled by Facebook’s pretty face; it’s a jungle in there. Thankfully, that jungle has safe pathways. Take time to learn them, and you’ll produce a bunch of cool new inroads with happy, engaged fans.

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